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Vehicle protection

Vehicle Sentry Protection®
Vehicle theft is expensive - in both time and money. As the most costly property crime in the United States, often vehicles are never recovered, and not always in one piece.

Our Vehicle Sentry Protection (VSP) program deters vehicles from theft with a permanent traceable ID code etched in each major window of the vehicle. An electronic vehicle retrieval system stores the VIN and ID code. This system cannot be removed, disarmed or unset, making it an extremely effective theft deterrent.

Your customer receives a limited warranty at the time of purchase (Florida is an Optional Service Contract and New York is a Certificate of Insurance). The Limited Warranty applies when the vehicle is an unrecoverable theft or a total loss.

Help your customers who may be the victims of vehicle theft avoid the shock and inconvenience of a total loss and gain a sense of security with Resource Automotive VSP - the most comprehensive automobile theft protection on the market.

Tire/wheel hazard and motor club
Everyone likes a safety net. With Assurance Edge, your customers will have the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive roadside assistance program at their side 24/7. Assurance Edge is available for five years on new, and three years on pre-owned vehicles in all states, except New York.

Available coverage includes:

  • 24-Hour roadside assistance
  • Emergency travel expense reimbursement
  • Vehicle rental reimbursement
  • Tire hazard protection reimbursement
  • Wheel hazard protection reimbursement
  • $1,000 vehicle theft reward
  • Custom trip routing
  • Hotel discounts
  • Vehicle rental savings
  • Cruise America recreational vehicle rental savings
  • Emergency message relay
  • Security credit card registration

Assurance Edge delivers benefits customers appreciate.

Environmental Protection
Owners pride themselves on their car's appearance, often meticulously striving to keep its original brilliance. Products that maintain and enhance a vehicle's aesthetics are an investment your customers understand and appreciate.

LUXCARE™, our exclusive offering, provides protection for both exterior and interior surfaces. Three sealants are applied to the paint, carpet/fabric, and leather/vinyl of the customer's car at the time of purchase. A Limited Warranty is provided that covers repair, repaint or replacement if damage occurs to exterior painted surfaces from acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and insects, as well as interior stains.

A better looking vehicle means a more satisfied customer. Let LUXCARE™ add the shine to your aftermarket sales and your CSI.

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